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okay >> okay ladies and gentlemen we will return to our regular agenda. ladies and gentlemen please. ladies and gentlemen if you could please find a seat >> mr. chairman our returning. >> thank you we're being back if session we'll go to public comment. this is an opportunity for the public to address but not on today's calendar. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. good afternoon my name is a mel.
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last week on monday, i got a call from a friend of mine who lives in san francisco. and i told him my historical stories and he told me this the previous friday test e he was giving his little girl a ride home and she said she saw an anti muslim add on the side of the bus and she asked him do my name is really kill jews
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i said actually what our daughter said was true. he was very proud of his daughter for understanding what she saw and sticking to her guns. today i'm to ask you to stop from having buses with hate adds on the streets during which children are going to or coming from school and there will be observers on the streets and it will be documented thank you >> next speaker. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon again.
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in the transportation triangles i'd like to talk about drivers and pedestrians and bicycles. and some of the correspondences are over will you explain and there's some aspects of safety that's going to be more paramount as we expand bicycle lanes and want people we're talking about and things like that. a lot of our major intersections there's a movement which is good toward city planning allowing the opportunity to make right turns with no restrictions. pedestrian safety is a 2-way street it's pedestrians looking out for themselves as well. when i come to a stop sign just
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because you're a pedestrian doesn't mean you can walk wherever you feel like that. there's a chief who's doing some advocacy work like not tweeting and things like that. you can't walk just because you're in the box. there's 17 hundred pedestrians that were hit last year
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we schedule and advertise a meeting last month and invited
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mta. we have made public requests and local merchants have passed on the information. this information was insufficient this structure is to begin in a few weeks. the information in tomorrow's meeting supervisor chu if you're listening here you're to support us. so members of mta board and all concerned sf residents are welcome to attend a meeting at 67:30 p.m. at the telegraph hall in mason and i looked to a
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productive meeting. thank you >> (calling names). >> good afternoon directors robert. local cab. i was a participant in the workshop regarding the application by all those apps and i wanted to spend two minutes or one and a half trying to explain to you why wear talking about and why it is such an enormous threat to the taxi industry and in turn to you. the electronic apps - applications claim their something new in spite of the fact that many limousines companies and taxi company are
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going to use apps. and their claims is they're not transportation companies. they have no control over the drivers. many of the applications are claiming to be ride share and as such, they do not have commercial insurance, there is no inspection of their cars there's no inspection of their driving records which would indicate the accident are anything else they have. in addition apparently their claiming they're not keeping any records so that their drivers are not even paying taxes which are the law by the irs making
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transactions of a thousand dollars or more remember this applies to taxi drivers or anybody. i could give you some more if you are interested >> thank you. next speaker, please and a (calling names). >> herbert senior citizen at risk. i noticed the last meeting the conduct of the participants were incriminated upon. the question i would like to propose if a bicyclists had their my case lanes removed on the street there would be such outrage you would have to call in the tax squad.
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the thing about this the parking spaces are being defended by those people and its endsable. the fact is people only shop once a week in contrast to people they could be making a thousand dollars in a purpose and those parking spaces are always in demand and so to remove them is really very destructive. i feel the bicyclists feeling is today hope street tomorrow the world. it will not hamper bicycling at all also in respect to the accident bicyclists have been
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struck how many of them went against the red light. we have to statistics about that. and one thing about the bike lanes being so close to the curb you can be struck by a bicyclist it's face direct serve service. those are my comments i can understand it out rage of the folks but the bicyclists can be equally as anti raged >> (calling names). >> commissioners and audience at large thank you for let me eliciting me speak. i have two issues before me were
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one is that we talked about apps and app companies there's companies opening up on a monthly basis par there's a taxi cab company by law i don't know what the real rules are you haven't looked into that. if you see a claim you control the taxi business you look at this company their telling us they're using limousines and taxis and other vehicles for this business. every year you've raised our fees and i believe you want to suck 25 million a year out of
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the taxi business. we don't have a dental plan or pension or anything. i don't know when you're going to start implementing it but we need a pension and a medical plan and a minimum wage to at least match what muni drivers are making. maybe taxi drivers don't deserve is a get paid a better wage. we're part of the city and county of san francisco we should have the same wage as the minnesota drivers. thank you. >> (calling names).
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>> good afternoon berry. i first want to say that the t m y vehicles are going to be a dinosaur. so i think you'd better look at the fuel tanks because it's tough to fill up. i went to a night club which has a new sound system i was about ready to go home and some guy in a site approached me and said where are you going.
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i don't appreciate it getting solicited and there were a lot of black town street it was hard to get through that. as speaking many had a private citizen nike think it behoves you to get the inspectaculars out that. you're not enforcing this and the cabdrivers were having to line up behind them. i wanted to say that it doesn't look good that or i would ask you to support chris when she goes before those people. their bought and sold. you see they shut her off and i
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want you to pass a resolution to pass what she has to go through >> (calling names). >> good afternoon directors. march 19th meeting there were 3 hundred people here. told the people they couldn't take on electronic equipment. i would like to inform all the directors that 3 hundred people came here to say we don't want electronic radios. after this we'll think sending i
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a letter inviting you to court. as apps from hoover there will be more apps coming it's a net of the time. people wants not the way the taxis is doing and mta is about a year away and not suitable to this attrition. i'm looking at the people who receive the letters but they don't come to you and bye it. a number of rules of is expected to go further down with regard to buying madalinas. and let the director go.
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this was created by her. she is the biggest failure at such a high amount your paying. please liter go. thank you >> next speaker please and (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm bill i'm a taxi driver for twre or 24 years. i'd like to address this doctor i don't know his last name but i spoke to him last week and he's never flilgd a taxi cab. now how can a man write up a report and come up with all this
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and never ride in a taxi cab. we paid him $200,000 to do this report. i drive downtown for the first couple of you hours it's true i'm empty for half an hour. they scream not enough cabs because they won't wait two or three minutes for a taxi. you know, adding those short term madalinas was tried before and it didn't work. you gave those guys a top number on their whatever it's called the card we got the taxi cab card and what happened - i'm
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talking. anyway, the number on the card we have and now they have got full-time taxis because the cab companies won't put out the shiners costs so they've become full-time taxis. and so far as the taxis i'm high on the madalinas list and i'm getting one and i'm grateful to the board for bringing the price down. i'm very, very happy to be paying less money and thank you. >> (calling names). >> san francisco taxi driver. two public safety things i want to get into and one thing out of
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left field. the public safety is first caltrans should be on the other side of the street 90 of the riding fairs are on the other side of the street. you have giant street you should go down there it's 0 total chaos. so if we move the cab signs on the other side of the street and stop the cabs from poovp from the other side of the street. and all you drivers inside to go to this website car c ar s ta c h should go for if
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you're a list driver or whatever you can buy a pink mustache manufactureer. i'm going to buy one today, i'm going to write like scabs or go away and on my cab just bear in mind that maybe there is a time for the mta irrespective to step in and do what the airport did this is a public safety. and lastly hoover got this money the $70 million i think that's probably more than that. and the c p u has to hear this testimony and many of that money is put in there and -
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>> next speaker please and. >> thank the author of the - i want to thank the security guard who runs off the limousine and they're very effective. one of my colleagues and his passenger managed to steal a pink minus tush and he got in trouble with the company. but as ben pointed out two people are just flagging those cars and hoping in so anybody
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can get one of those pink mustaches a murderer or. there was one car paint as a gray primer. the cars are getting older and older. you think it's little kids but i take it young women who are hoping in those cars. and sidecars and lifts the attorneys say there was nothing by spin and side talk and they haven't protruded any documents. so if somebody is claiming i'm lying they need to come forward with their documents. and this lady came to the meeting with any questions and
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she left with so many more questions. and ride sharing you thought you were going to certain locations but really who goes to work at 2:00 a.m. in the modernizing in hookers >> (calling names). >> if you could have the overhead i want to show you may have seen that but this is the last issue of the united tax news letter with the picture of the mayor on the cover. i think he needs to be called out on this. because the mayor of this city as turned his back on - the city's own

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